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MLIC Inc. leads the industry in offering goal-driven, skill-enhancing GMAT preparation courses backed by our unique GMAT Score Guarantee. What sets MLIC GMAT prep courses apart from other, worthless GMAT course offerings are FOUR factors:

  • Superior Training Methodology
  • The best GMAT Training materials that are frequently updated to reflect the LIVE emphasis seen on high-difficulty GMAT problems.
  • The best professional trainers who have over 10 years of teaching experience.
  • The best structure for GMAT training -- three distinct, logical phases.
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Unsolicited Testimonials

"I scored a 710 on the GMAT following your GMAT turboprep course that I took in New York City during August 2007, a 140 point score improvement over my previous best score of 570. I could not have achieved this significant score increase without your excellent GMAT training and support. Thank you very much.
 -- Jamie Crapanzano, GMAT Turboprep Course, New York City-- GMAT Hall of Famer.".

"Thank you for an amazing GMAT prep course in Atlanta. I took the test a week after the course and scored 740 in the 98th percentile. I strongly recommend MLIC GMAT course for a score in the 700's.
 -- Eric Essary, GMAT Prep Course, Atlanta-- GMAT Hall of Famer."

MLIC GMAT Prep Centers Worldwide
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MLIC GMAT Prep -- The GOLD STANDARD in GMAT preparation Courses. Available dates in our featured program centers are provided at the top of this table. For other centers, please contact us for available dates and registration options. Enroll Today  in industry-leading MLIC GMAT test prep Classes and GMAT Review courses!


GMAT Turboprep®USA/CANADA/MexicoU$1,495*
GMAT SmarTest® PrepUSA/CANADA/MexicoU$895*
GMAT Turboprep®LONDON, U.K.GBP995/U$1,695
GMAT SmarTest® PrepLONDON, U.K.GBP830/U$1,2955
GMAT Turboprep®Dubai, Germany, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, SydneyU$1,895
GMAT SmarTest® PrepDubai, Germany, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, SydneyU$1,295
GMAT Turboprep®chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkatta,BangaloreU$895 / IRS55,800
*In Canada, the fee is in Canadian Dollars. HST/GST is applicable on the course fee at the prevailing rates set by the Government of Canada. The fee for GMAT Online prep course is U$695. You can order GMAT Study Guides for 700+ Score for $79 or $129 with audio lectures.

MLIC GMAT beats Veritas GNAT Prep, MGMAT, Kaplan, Manhattan Review, Knewton...

MLIC GMAT Prep is the best

  • MLIC GMAT prep offers the most comprehensive, structured training in GMAT assessment areas, and backs up its training with industry-leading GMAT Score Guarantee. No other GMAT prep course can match the comprehensiveness of MLIC GMAT training. Learn the real facts about Veritas Prep GMAT before you choose Veritas Prep GMAT courses.
  • Manhattan GMAT is now a Kaplan entity. Like Kaplan, MGMAT offers the least number of hours of tutorial sessions. Unlike Kaplan, MGMAT does not offer any guarantee to back up its verifiably useless GMAT prep sessions. Most of MGMAT instructors have not taken the GMAT, leave alone gone to Business Schools. MLIC offers the most structured, relevant training in GMAT assessment areas whereas MGMAT training schedule is haphazard and detrimental to your GMAT training.
  • Kaplan GMAT, Princeton Review, Manhattan Review, Knewton and all other GMAT prep courses hire tutors who have no teaching experience and who have never taken the real GMAT. Most of the instructors are students who work for hourly minimum wages. Be wise. Choose MLIC that employs professional GMAT trainers who have over 10 years of teaching experience and who are required to take the GMAT test at least once each year. MLIC uses updated training materials to reflect the emphasis seen on current, LIVE GMAT administrations, and delivers the best, industry-leading, skill-enhanching, and goal-driven GMAT training courses.
Click HERE to learn more about why MLIC GMAT outclasses all other prep courses offered by Veritas prep, Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Powerscore, and Manhattan Review.

Turboprep Course Structure
Highly structured 120+ Hours of training in 3 phases

All GMAT prep courses offered by MLIC require that you complete at least 120 hours of training in 3 distinct phases: 40 hours of pre-course training; 40 hours of in-class training, and 40 hours of post class training. (If you attend the 3-day intensive prep course for GMAT, the in-class phase lasts 24 hours but the post-class work is about 60 hours.)

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top-ranked gmat prep course is best

MLIC GMAT Turboprep and 3-day intensive GMAT prep courses offered in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Boston, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, and many other GMAT prep centers easily outclass all other GMAT preparation classes offered by companies such as Veritas Prep GMAT, Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, Princeton Review,, GMAT Zone, and all others. Learn the true facts about MLIC GMAT competitors before you part with your hard-earned money. Read more...

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GMAT Score Guarantee

All GMAT prep courses offered by MLIC -- GMAT in-class and GMAT Online prep - are backed by MLIC's unique 620+ or 80th percentile GMAT Score Guarantee. Under this guarantee, if you complete all 120 hours of training offered in a highly structured manner, and take the test within 30 days of completing the in-class training sessions or of completing the full complement of ONLINE training, if you fail to score at least 620 or a score in the 80th percentile on the GMAT, your subsequent prep support is free. Read more about GMAT Score Guarantee

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GMAT Online Prep

MLIC GMAT Online prep course uses the same training methodolgy as our in-class prep courses, and require you to complete 120 hours of training in 6-8 weeks (Normal Schedule) or in 4 weeks (Accelerated Schedule). Online Prep includes Virtual Classes that feature real-time lectures, test reviews, and use a Socratic method to ensure that you have honed all conceptual, procedural, and strategic skills in GMAT assessment areas. Read more about GMAT Online Prep

leading gmat course schedule
Turboprep Course Schedule

Turboprep GMAT courses are held over 4 consecutive days, and cover 32 hours of in-class training. Our courses offered in Canada and overseas are held in Extended format and cover 34 hours of in-class training. click here to read about Turboprep Schedule in U.S.A
click here to view GMAT Turboprep Schedule in Europe, Canada, India, Far East.

best gmat prep for best graduate schools rankings
MBA Program Rankings

The objective of MLIC GMAT prep courses is to train you with questions reflecting the emphasis seen on the LIVE GMAT problems appearing at high-difficulty levels so that you can score in the 700's, scores that are required for admission to A-list Business schools worlwide. Find out where your candidate Business School ranks in the Ranking of top MBA programs in USA and Worldwide. Read more...

top gmat score improvement in GMAT exam
What is GMAT®

GMAT® -- an acronymn for Graduate Management Admission Test -- is a standardized, computer adaptive test required for admission to Graduate Schools of Business in USA. Canada, and worldwide. GMAT® is the registered trademark of GMAC® and is administered by Pearson Vue® Read more about GMAT®

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Fee, Registration

The fee for the Turboprep GMAT course is U$1,495 in all USA and Canadian Centers. In Europe and Far East centers, the fee is U$1,895. The fee for the Turboprep course in Indian prep centers is U$895. The fee for the GMAT Online prep course is U$695 everywhere. Register here in MLIC GMAT Prep.
Read more about Fees

leading weekend gmat prep course
GMAT 3-Day Intensive Prep

MLIC GMAT Weekend intensive prep course offers 24 hours of solid GMAT preparation over 3 consecutive days -- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- and requires you to complete the preprogram course work (50 hours) and post-class training (65 hours) in addition to the in-class training hours (24 hours). Read more...